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This recent family shoot with Leslie and Shain was tons of fun. The kiddos loved playing by the water and had such spunk. Check out some favorites from the photo session.

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We’ve been lucky to capture this family for the past year.  Beginning with maternity photos, we hit it off with Leslie and Chris immediately. We’ve have the opportunity to photograph this fun loving family while watching their baby grow.  In the blink of an eye he’s already one and trucking along like a champ.  Check out some favorites from his birthday photo session.


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Boettger_1st_bday-Blog-11 Boettger_1st_bday-Blog-12

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We’ve had the privilege of photographing this family over the past year.  It’s hard to believe this little princess is one already. Feels like just yesterday we were taking photos of her in the hospital for a Fresh48 session.  My, how time flies! Not only have we gained some pretty amazing friends, but we’ve had the chance to watch (and capture) their little ones grow.  Check out a few favorites from this birthday girl’s photo session.


Lily_Anderson_1yr-Blog-1 Lily_Anderson_1yr-Blog-2 Lily_Anderson_1yr-Blog-3

Lily_Anderson_1yr-Blog-7 Lily_Anderson_1yr-Blog-8

Lily_Anderson_1yr-Blog-11 Lily_Anderson_1yr-Blog-12 Lily_Anderson_1yr-Blog-13 Lily_Anderson_1yr-Blog-14 Lily_Anderson_1yr-Blog-15


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This loving family wanted to do a photo shoot capturing Travis around his first birthday.  Baby-wearing is a staple in their daily lives, and they wanted to capture it in their family photos.  As a fellow babywearing family, we were thrilled to hear they wanted to wear him in their Tula’s during the session. What a happy baby boy Travis is. And you could see the amount of love that exudes from his parents.  He is one lucky little munchkin.  Check out a few favorites from our session.

Soares-Blog-5 Soares-Blog-6


Soares-Blog-9 Soares-Blog-10 Soares-Blog-11 Soares-Blog-12 Soares-Blog-13 Soares-Blog-14

Soares-Blog-19 Soares-Blog-20 Soares-Blog-21 Soares-Blog-22

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