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Photo courtesy of Courtney Kubik Photography


Amy & Ben Burns of A&B Burns Photography

She’s a born and raised Jersey Girl; he grew up in a small town on Lake Michigan. They met under comical circumstances, and have been exploring life together ever since.  Meet Amy and Ben Burns. Together they make up A&B Burns Photography.

Hi!  Thanks for stopping by our website.  We’re an upbeat husband and wife photography team interested in capturing some of YOUR life’s most precious moments.

Since we met in 2010, we’ve come a long way.  At first, Amy wanted nothing to do with Ben.  But, Ben won her over anyway with his charm, loud mannerism, and epic white guy dance moves. We quickly fell for one another.  During our time together we’ve traveled the country, adopted an awesome shepherd mix (named Socks), got hitched, moved to Hawaii, and started a family.

Whether driving across country, spending time in the great outdoors, enjoying vacations with friends and family, or just simply hanging out.. there’s always been a camera in one of our hands capturing the moment.  Memories tend to fade, but… pictures? They last forever.  We decided to turn our hobby into a business so we could share with you our love for photography.  We look forward to the journey and are excited for you to join us as our business grows.